Large French presence announced at the Balance of the World Forum

Large French presence announced at the Balance of the World Forum
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23 January 2023
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The 5th International Conference for the Balance of the World, a forum that will begin tomorrow at the Havana Convention Palace, will have a large French presence.

The Communist Party (PCF), La Francia Insumisa (LFI), Cuba Coopération France (CubaCoop) and France Cuba will be represented at the meeting that will run until January 28 in Havana, inspired by the ideology and legacy of Cuban National Hero José Martí (1853-1895), a promoter of peace, unity and the defense of nature.

In an interview with Prensa Latina before leaving on his trip, economist and PCF leader Frédéric Boccara expressed his expectations for his presence at the event, in which -he said- he will carry a message of struggle against the domination of financial capital.

Discussions on solidarity and the promotion of links between States and peoples are important, but we must at the same time commit ourselves to the effort to better organize the world, an increasingly topical issue, stressed the member of the National Directorate of the Communists and researcher at the Sorbonne Paris Nord University.

According to Boccara, it is urgent to reverse the monopoly of the means of production, knowledge and technology, incompatible with inclusive development and the real confrontation of climate change.

Christian Rodriguez, responsible for International Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, and a defender of the right of peoples to self-determination, will be attending the 5th International Conference for the Balance of the World on behalf of LFI.

The distribution of wealth in pursuit of equity is one of the issues advocated by Rodriguez, an essential theme for those who aspire to a true balance on the planet, a call for the forum for which around a thousand delegates from 82 countries have registered.

In a world plagued by conflicts, crises, the rise of the extreme right and selfishness, solidarity and cooperation among peoples are urgently needed, a message that will be ratified in Havana by the CubaCoop and France Cuba associations.

CubaCoop's first vice-president, Miguel Quintero, and the secretary general of its Armor Committee, Michel Le Magoarou, are part of the delegation to the meeting, considered by its organizers a space for plural and multidisciplinary thinking to help raise public awareness of the evils afflicting humanity and the need to act together without delay.

Regarding the participation of France Cuba, an association with more than 6 decades of support to the island, the member of its National Bureau Gérard Godefroy commented to Prensa Latina that they attach great importance to their presence in the forum.

We will participate with 7 delegates, at a time of effervescence and changes on both sides of the Atlantic, with a wounded but very aggressive US imperialism, and the blockade against Cuba and its extraterritorial scope prove it, he said.

In Godefroy's opinion, addressing the challenges of humanity is a necessity, and doing so inspired by Martí's legacy is an opportunity, because he fought for a better world.

CubaCoop and France Cuba assured that they will take advantage of their stay in the largest of the Antilles to reiterate their condemnation of the U.S. blockade and the call for global mobilization against that policy.

In that sense, Quintero said that he will present details of a recent petition, delivered to the European Parliament, which includes the demand for immediate measures at the institutional and governmental level in the old continent to combat Washington's siege and its extraterritorial nature

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