José Martí Youth Movement launches Ruta de Esencias Project as tribute to Cintio Vitier

José Martí Youth Movement launches Ruta de Esencias Project as tribute to Cintio Vitier
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18 September 2021
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Havana, Sept. 18 (RHC)-- The José Martí Youth Movement organizes the Ruta de Esencias Project, a broad program of literary, scientific and cultural actions on September 24th in homage to Cuban intellectual Cintio Vitier on his 100th birthday anniversary.

Coordinated by Cuban musician Erick Jon and inspired in a piece of music that he wrote dedicated to National hero José Martí, the Project promotes better knowledge of Martí’s life and work among young Cubans.

In statements to Prensa Latina news agency, Erick Jon said the encounter, at Havana’s Fragua Martiana Museum, will have a free format. He said that if the epidemiological situation in the capital allows for it, young Cubans will get together twice every month to debate on past and current issues of common concern and listen to trova musicians.

 He added that the program includes visits to other sites linked to the Cuban hero.

In this first encounter, the institutions and artists involved will pay homage to narrator, essayist and literary critic Cintio Vitier, one of the founders along with José Lezama Lima, Eliseo Diego and Fina García Marruz Orígenes, of Orígenes magazine.

Organizers said other spaces in coming months will be dedicated to Rafael María de Mendive, who was Martí’s teacher and friend, as well as debates on the life, work and legacy of contemporary Cuban figures like leader Fidel Castro and Armando Hart Dávalos.

This past August, Erick Jon released the single ‘Esencias’ (Essence), a tribute to the life and work of Cuban National Hero José Martí through pop and danzon.

The artist said it was a challenge, as well as a great honor. ‘Esencias’ tries to summarize, in just a little over three minutes, transcendental passages in the life of Martí.

The first part of the song features danzon and recreates 19th century Cuba, when Martí lived, fought and died for Cuba’s independence. The second part of the song, featuring pop music, proposes a new, contemporary approach to José Martí by the new generations.

Also a journalist and philologist, Erick Jon said ‘Esencias’ is the result of a thorough research that he conducted over the past several months of necessary isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He added that he used this time to read books and other works by and about José Martí, articles, poetry books, essays, as well as to watch several documentary films.

The aim was not to set Martí’s poems to music, but rather create new music to pay him tribute.

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