Internationalist Solidarity Campaign with Cuba in Chile Ends

Internationalist Solidarity Campaign with Cuba in Chile Ends
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28 October 2023
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A solidarity campaign with Cuba in Chile ended after several months, having brought together groups, organizations, and friends of the Cuban Revolution.

A long list of groups and Cuban residents outside Chile joined the initiative, aimed at purchasing medicines, supplies, and other products necessary for Cuba.

“This solidarity is not only limited to gathering resources, our solidarity has to be political, moral, and material,” declared Vasili Carrillo, one of the coordinators of the Internationalist Action in Support of Cuba, at the closing ceremony.

Among the participants, he mentioned the Raíces Cubanas residents association, the Internationalist Collective, Siboney, the José Martí Association, the Metropolitan Coordinator of Solidarity with Cuba, and other groups of the Cuba Support Movement.

Representative Boris Barrera expressed, that the most comforting thing about this campaign is seeing so many people united, and that is thanks to Cuba, he said. “Everyone owes so much to that small island, but with such a big heart and soul, which has known how to fight and resist the most powerful empire in the world,” he reminded.

Barrera demanded the end of the blockade against Cuba and its exclusion from the list of “states sponsoring terrorism”.

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