IJF teaching judo values to children through Great 8 competition

IJF teaching judo values to children through Great 8 competition
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11 April 2020
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The International Judo Federation (IJF) has launched the "Great 8" competition to teach children the core values of the sport while drawing.

With competition winners receiving a prize from the IJF, the aim is to teach participants the core values of judo while they are also supported in being creative.

Those eight values are courage, respect, modesty, friendship, honour, honesty, self-control and courtesy.

"Judo does not work without them; they are a core part of our sport," the IJF said in promoting the initiative.

"Going to a competition, to the dojo or even home, judoka should always remember them.

"Therefore, it is important for children to take part, offering them an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and share a task with another young judoka from around the world, staying connected."

Portuguese judoka Joana Ramos was asked to provide a drawing of inspiration too and was encouraged by the introduction of the competition.

"I was really excited when I heard about the contest - I believe it is a great way to teach children about judo values and philosophy in a way they can understand it and really feel it," Ramos said.

"We cannot do judo for now, owing to the extreme circumstances we are all facing.

"Judo makes you feel like a superhero and not all things in life can give that sensation.

"I want to give young people courage and strength, so, I made this drawing to honour every family.

"It's a tribute to everybody who is saving lives, by working on the front line or staying at home - be a superhero, save lives, keep safe."

Brazilian double Olympic medallist Rafael Silva will be one of the judges for the competition, which is open to all under the age of 14.

There will be eight winners selected by the jury, while a further 80 winners will be selected at random.

There are already hundreds of entries from more than 40 countries.


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