Hurricane Ian will be more intense before reaching Cuba

Hurricane Ian will be more intense before reaching Cuba
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26 September 2022
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Havana, Sep 26 (Prensa Latina) Hurricane Ian, category one on the Saffir Simpson scale, intensifies and defines its center, which will be more intense before reaching the western region of Cuba, an expert reported here today.

In a television report, meteorologist Miguel Ángel Hernández specified that its center was estimated at 18.4 degrees North latitude and 82.9 degrees West longitude, 350 kilometers southeast of Cape San Antonio, the westernmost tip of the island.

With top sustained winds of 130 kilometers per hour, its pressure has decreased to 980 hectoPascal, and it is moving northwest at 20 kilometers per hour.

He commented that it could decrease its movement speed as it approaches an area conducive to its intensification. This can delay the arrival times of the effects on the west of the country.

The forecast models suggest that in the early hours of Tuesday it could enter national territory at a point that ranges from Cape Corrientes to La Coloma, in the south of Pinar del Río. It all depends on the speed of movement, he explained.

Hurricane Ian is the fourth formed in the month of September of the current hurricane season that runs until November 30.

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