Hate-filled people incite violence against caravan for Cuba in Miami (+ Photos)

Hate-filled people incite violence against caravan for Cuba in Miami (+ Photos)
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31 July 2022
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Washington, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) A group of "hate-filled people" on Sunday incited violence against the caravan in Miami convened by the Bridges of Love movement to demand the US Government to end the economic blockade against Cuba.

This was denounced by Cuban-American professor Carlos Lazo, leader of the initiative, on a live broadcast on social media, who was in the streets of Coral Gables, a city near Miami, surrounded by dozens of people who were demonstrating against Washington’s sanctions on the Caribbean nation.

They call us terrorists for taking medicine and powdered milk to Cuba for children and the elderly, they call us terrorists for being in favor of family reunification and travels to Cuba, and we are in favor of bridges of love,” Lazo said.

On Sunday morning, while Cubans and friends of the island were speaking out in several cities globally against the economic war that has affected the Cuban families for more than 60 years, the police in Miami intervened to arrest those who tried to attack the activists.

With slogans of “Cuba yes, blockade no!” and “Biden, lift the sanctions on Cuba!” they began the day of solidarity with the Caribbean nation and then toured the southern US city in cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

At the same time, a world message action campaign on Twitter took place on Sunday morning with the hashtags #EliminaElBloqueo #UnblockCuba and #PuentesDeAmor, to demand the end of the unilateral coercive policy and ask both parties to move forward on the path of understanding.

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