GALLERIES: Those Who Have Ears... Let them See

GALLERIES: Those Who Have Ears... Let them See
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14 September 2021
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On the website of the National Council for Plastic Arts (http: // -...) and on the social networks of the institution you can appreciate these days the curatorial project Those who have ears… let them see, by the critic Maikel Rodríguez Calviño. The virtual exhibition brings together works by important Cuban creators who, in some way, dialogue with the current circumstances of the country and the world.

More than a curatorial project, it’s an essay, as the critic himself foretells in his introductory words. Therefore, it’s incomplete. The questions these creators seem to answer with their works may coincide with those asked by many other Cuban artists. And they are also, to a large extent, those of any neighbor's son.

The critical calling, associated with the responsibility and the possibility of the artist in his context has been constant in the visual creation of the last decades. Painters, cartoonists, photographers, sculptors ... have left testimony of their circumstances, and at the same time have questioned, with aesthetic and conceptual depth, processes and setbacks of the social panorama. Now, in times of crisis, these visions remain astonishingly topical... even if they were thought years ago.

This is a proposal and, to a certain degree, an incitement. The curator warns: "the critical role of art, as long as it’s based on justice and information, should not be understood as an attacking weapon, but as a tool for work, for perfection, and growth at all levels."

And he adds: “Hopefully, when epidemiological conditions allow it, we will stage a physical version, more ambitious and careful. Meanwhile, let's enjoy the (possible) exhibition in the virtual space». We will be waiting.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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