French association reiterates call for solidarity with Cuba

French association reiterates call for solidarity with Cuba
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7 October 2022
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The French association Cuba Cooperation (CubaCoop) reiterated its urgent call for practical solidarity with Cuba in support of its recovery efforts in the face of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian.

“The Cuban people need our help,” stressed the vice president of the organization, Michel Humbert, in the weekly publication La lettre électronique Hebdo, which has thousands of subscribers.

He recalled that after the campaign launched shortly after Ian passed through western Cuba last week, CubaCoop transferred an initial donation of 17,000 euros.

“We renew the call for solidarity to support Cuba as quickly as possible and we thank all those who have made their contribution,” Humbert stressed.

He regretted the consequences left by Hurricane Ian, such as the destruction or severe damage to homes, public facilities and crops, in addition to the effects on the national power grid.

The French association pointed out that Cuba has been facing “a permanent (hurricane)” for over 60 years, in allusion to the blockade imposed by the United States, intensified in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“These are harsh consequences for the population, which aggravate those accumulated by the US blockade.”

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