Former Peruvian president sends letter to UN Secretary General

Former Peruvian president sends letter to UN Secretary General
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8 February 2024
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The former president of Peru, Pedro Castillo Terrones, addressed this Wednesday a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres, in which he denounced his detention and the repeated violations of his human rights.

In the letter, the former president thanked the concern of the United Nations Human Rights Defense Organizations regarding the continuous violation of rights in the Peruvian nation since December 7, 2022.

Likewise, he denounced the lack of due process and the arbitrariness of his detention, since in his case the immunity that corresponds to him as head of state was not respected.

He also denounced the discrediting campaign to which he was subjected by the monopolies and oligarchies of the Peruvian nation, as well as the rupture by the Peruvian Congress of the balance of powers through legislation 31355, where the Executive Branch was deprived of the power to raise questions of confidence related to constitutional reforms and on exclusive and excluding competences of the Congress and autonomous constitutional bodies.

Likewise, Castillo assured that he was the victim of a media and political demolition campaign and of a slow and multidimensional coup d'état, as well as his symbolic decision to temporarily close the Congress, the call for new parliamentary elections and the implementation of a Government of exception in which the reorganization of the Justice system was foreseen, including the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Constitutional Court.

Likewise, he reiterated that his "message only remained at the level of a declaratory political act and did not constitute a formal act of Government as such, since no minutes of the presidential message were prepared and no decree was issued, a message that was impossible to give rise to any administrative act, since it did not have the referendum of the Council of Ministers, as required by the Political Constitution".

The former president also referred to the violence and arbitrariness of his detention and the violation of the prerogative of impeachment provided for in Articles 99 and 100 of the Peruvian Constitution.

He also alleged human rights violations during the mandate of President Dina Boluarte, denouncing extrajudicial executions, gunshot wounds, attempted homicides, the use of firearms against the civilian population, the disproportionate use of force and the criminalization of protests.

On the other hand, he stated that his case is allegedly being blocked by the Secretariat of Special Procedures, for which he demanded an explanation for the delay of his complaint and requested impartiality from the Group of Arbitrary Detentions.



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