Fidel on the big screen

Fidel on the big screen
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15 February 2024
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We all wait with expectation a new film addressing a paramount chapter in the political history of Cuba and in the life of Fidel Castro. The film will tackle a group of events related to the visit of the Leader of the Cuban Revolution to New York in 1960, a stay that was controversial due to the context and the events that occurred before, during and after.

Let us remember that the goal of that trip was for Fidel to attend the United Nations (UN) for the first time, where, indeed, he gave a memorable speech before the 15th UN General Assembly, which lasted 4 hours and 20 minutes.

However, the most important thing was the content of the speech. A rebellious Fidel in olive green, then Prime Minister and only 34 years old, managed to stand out with ideas in defense of peace, against capitalism in the very heart of a society as imperialist as the United States. That denunciation in plain sight, plus the precedent of being a thorn in the side of the interests of the most powerful country in the world, resulted in hostility and the attempt to eliminate him.

The early days of the Cuban Revolution were very difficult. Aggressions abounded in the national territory itself with terrorist operations designed mercilessly to destroy the leaders and thus weaken the socialist foundations of the new nation that was being built. Cuba endured actions of all kinds, it was a true hidden war that also made the people suffer with invasions, attacks, and unilateral coercive measures that still remain, and have worsened more than 60 years later.

That was the context of Fidel's visit to the UN. In an effervescent time, of sabotage and constant threats, the Cuban leader raised his voice in favor of all Cubans, the poor and oppressed of the world. His stance could be perfectly that of present times as he advocated for humanity, anti-imperialism, independence and sovereignty that should be common to all.

The experiences lived by Fidel at the Triumph of the Revolution are a secret to no one; there are testimonies that refer to the involvement of the CIA, the FBI and the anti-Cuban mafias. However, it is very likely that many people will have find out about these issues with this film. And that is not bad, it is never too late to know the real story.

The title Killing Castro does not leave much to the imagination. We just have to see if the film adheres to the case as it happened, or if it is just another commercial product.

For now, we do not have many elements. We know that the role of Fidel will be played by Diego Boneta, a young Mexican actor remembered for starring famous singer Luis Miguel in the biopic series of the same name.

According to several sources, regarding this work, Boneta himself confessed that it is the biggest challenge of his career so far, and said he feels “a very big responsibility because there has not been such a profound production about him (Fidel), despite the fact that "He is one of the most important characters of the last centuries."

In the political thriller, based on true events, the experienced actor Al Pacino will also star.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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