FARC denounces murder of another former combatant in Colombia

FARC denounces murder of another former combatant in Colombia
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3 April 2020
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The Colombian Alternative Revolutionary Force of the Common’s party (FARC) has denounced the murder of the former 57th Front combatant Jose Isidoro Cuesta, killed in the rural area of Carmen del Darien, belonging to the Choco department, northwest Colombia.

The political organization called on Ivan Duque's government not to be indifferent, claiming that the enemies of peace leave more people dead in Colombia than the new pandemic in all of Latin America.

According to the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz), 14 social leaders have been killed since the first case with COVID-19 was registered in the country.  Also, Indepaz denounced that, so far this year, 70 social leaders and 20 ex-combatants have been killed in Colombia.

Meanwhile, 29-year-old Juan Carlos Castillo, registered in the Territorial Spaces of Training and Reincorporation (ETCR) 'Heiler Mosquera,' in Putumayo, was also found dead and with several bullet wounds.

"These cases alter the well-being and tranquility of the communities.  In addition, they highlight the lack of guarantees and security in territories where there is clearly a high police and army presence, but which is not enough to prevent these cases from continuing,” the Putumayo Human Rights Network said.

The murders of former FARC combatants have not stopped after a peace agreement in 2016 supposedly put an end to decades of conflict between the Colombian government and the rebel group.

However, several human rights organizations have denounced the murders since the agreement, including the United Nations, which warned at the end of last year that at least 77 ex-guerrilla members were killed in the country during 2019, reporting also 14 disappearances and 29 attempted killings.

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