Famous Italian artist prefers Cuban Covid-19 vaccine

Famous Italian artist prefers Cuban Covid-19 vaccine
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27 January 2021
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Famous Italian singer Fiorella Mannoia affirmed on Tuesday that she will get vaccinated against Covid-19 and if she could decide, she would like to get vaccinated with the Cuban vaccine.

In a comment posted on Twitter regarding a message released by Cuban Ambassador to Italy Jose Carlos Rodriguez, Mannoia wrote, 'I will get vaccinated with yours.'

Then and responding to another Twitter user interested in knowing why, she said: 'I will get the vaccine. (Let's clear controversies). If I could decide, I would prefer to get vaccinated with the Cuban vaccine, because as it is not linked to multinational companies, it gives me more confidence. I hope I have been clear.'

The artist has an extensive discography, has made incursions in cinema and television during her 50-year professional careers, and is also recognized in Italy for her progressive positions.

In a comment also posted on Twitter, in September 2020, Mannoia condemned the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by successive US governments against Cuba.

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