Expert: Cuban Health System's Strength Against COVID-19

Expert: Cuban Health System's Strength Against COVID-19
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28 March 2020
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Cuba's health system is capable of facing the challenge posed by the coronavirus SARS Cov-2, which causes Covid-19 disease, said here today Marylin Celestrin, master in infectious diseases.

'Despite the limitations imposed by the U.S. blockade policy, our country is capable of dealing with the pandemic with a public health system that reaches all the population, free of charge,' Celestrin told Prensa Latina.

She stressed that, in addition to ensuring the good health condition of the island's inhabitants, 'internationalist brigades have gone out to help other nations and are once again going to raise the white-coat army as Fidel (Castro) called it.'

But in order to be victorious, we need the cooperation of the people and to encourage social isolation, as well as an increase in health measures guided by the senior Cuban authorities, added the also specialist in General Comprehensive Medicine (GIM).

Celestrin praised the work of medical students in Matanzas province, who are carrying out active home investigations to identify flu symptoms in the population and possible cases of Covid-19.

Around 1,300 students from the Juan Guiteras Medical Sciences University in Matanzas support these investigations in the local health areas themselves, who have received the necessary training on the procedure and characteristics of the disease.

Heriberto Dominguez, Maria Osorio and Raidel Luis Torres, the last one in the third year of medicine and the first two in the fifth year, agreed in expressing their commitment to this responsibility that has been given to them by the local authorities.

'It is a modest way to contribute to this great effort of the country to move forward in the face of the risks represented by the Civid-19,' they said.


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