Ecuadorean organizations denounce death of protesters

Ecuadorean organizations denounce death of protesters
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24 June 2022
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Quito, Jun 24 (Prensa Latina) The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) denounced the death of a protester during the marches against the government in this capital.

The deceased, identified as Henry Quezada, was involved in the clashes between the police and popular sectors, especially indigenous people, who began peaceful mobilizations on Thursday that ended up in a strong police repression.

The CONAIE reported that the death occurred in El Arbolito Park, near the National Assembly, where the protesters gathered awaiting pronouncements from the Legislature on the current situation, which has kept the country on strike since June 13th in demand for government attention to social demands.

The death was caused by penetrating trauma of pellets to the chest and abdomen, the organization reported.

The Alliance of Organizations for Human Rights, created within the framework of the protests, also denounced the death and requested an urgent investigation of the case by the State Attorney General’s Office.

According to figures provided by CONAIE, Quezada became the fourth fatal victim during the demonstrations, actively dissuaded by police repression.

The first death occurred when a young man fell down a ravine in Guayllabamba, followed by a second one reported in the province of Pastaza, where a protester person was impacted by a tear gas canister that pierced his skull, and a third case, registered in Azuay.

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