Eastern Cuba to host International Clown Festival

Eastern Cuba to host International Clown Festival
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22 June 2022
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BAYAMO, Cuba, Jun 21 (ACN) The Provincial Council of Performing Arts (CPAE), its creators and institutions in the province of Granma considers a great privilege to host the 6th International Clown Festival on June 23 to 26.

First held in 2012 in the neighboring province of Las Tunas thanks to the Teatro Tuyo troupe, the event will make it possible for this city and its theatrical movement to be part of the growth of a long-underrated artistic expression that is currently proving its ability to touchingly convey ideas to increasingly wider audiences, according to playwright, actor and director Juan González Fife, leader of Andante, an ensemble who champions clowning among many other techniques, styles and tendencies.

“Organizing this festival is a great challenge, but we are aware of the importance of anything that works for the benefit of people’s culture, spiritual enrichment and enjoyment,” said Ridiel Roblejo Leyva, director of the CPAE in the province of Granma.

The program includes intense theoretical sessions, as well as performances by the host Teatro Tuyo, whereas foreign artists will participate online.

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