Donald Trump: Cracks Under his Feet

Donald Trump: Cracks Under his Feet
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3 May 2020
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The president is being reminded something very unfavorable, his triumphant speech of 2016 is not working.

With that speech he basically won the elections that year.

This was commented on Tuesday by a CNN journalist, Joe Lockhart.

He characterized that intervention as a marketing twist.

He put in the hands of a commercial manager the true mission of the aforementioned text.

He recalled that in this arena the success of an electoral campaign is very similar to a marketing campaign.

It’s the same as saying, simple and repetitive message.

Back then the candidate Trump, Lockhart stressed, was an example of an excellent campaign progress.

He focused on Americans tired of Washington.

They were seeking a voice to vent their discontent and the impression of being left behind.

CNN, like other media, noted the dust stirred by the slogan: "Make American Great Again".

Observers spoke about it, it was simple, easy to repeat and very effective.

Going back to the present, they wrote, that as Trump's re-election is designed, he forgets resources that put him in the White House.
For what motive? First of all, his messages are forced, not easy to repeat.

Putting it in a few words he was pinned with the following:

Maximize everything that works fine and minimize all the opposite.

When asked his advice on those who reject quarantines, he replied:

"I have no advice. If people feel that way, you’re allowed to protest. "

Then the president added that some Governors, including Republicans, have gone too far with their banning.

Everything above mentioned takes place during a year of general elections that includes the presidency.

let’s just remember that predictions anticipate that unemployment could rocket up to 20% in the present and future years.

Precisely in a desolate scenario for the United States economy that plays a very important role in the electoral outcome.

An increasingly complex panorama for Donald Trump, already detached from the predictions regarding his guaranteed victory in November.

No one believes that the cause is the Covid 19, but many do associate it as a gear of the current process.

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