Delfín Prats, National Literature Award

Delfín Prats, National Literature Award
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30 December 2022
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He is one of the great poets of Cuban literature, he has been the star and witness to great events in Cuban culture, he treasures one of the most unique works of the island wealth... and as of this Wednesday he is the brand new 2022 National Literature Award: Delfín Prats (Holguín, 1945) is the author of significant poems since the second half of the 20th century in Cuba. His has been a prodigal appropriation of great themes and characters from the universal heritage, transfigured by an exercise where sensuality, fine metaphor and the consolidation of environments have a distinct style.

Legends and dreams merge into a lyrical form that here and there records the challenges of the moment. But the reader won’t find rudimentary allegations. His poetry is an empire of suggestions.

In difficult years for Cuban culture, the poet had to deal with misunderstanding and even menacing ignorance. The work was his saving raft. He was a prophet in his land and from there he became a reference. The National Literature Award recognizes his devotion and the extraordinary height of a creation that distinguishes essential values of humanity, in a story full of references.

This last Wednesday, the jury of the National Prize for Social and Humanistic Sciences also held session, which was awarded to the historian Francisca López Civeira.

The National Edition Award went to Natividad Álvaro.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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