CubaSi, 21 years fighting against hatred and lies

CubaSi, 21 years fighting against hatred and lies
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18 July 2022
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Some ask mass media a sort of neutral stance that has nothing to do with the practice of journalism. The world of journalism is that of ideas and championing one idea implies taking a stance. Therefore, there are no neutral mass media.


We should actually ask a mass media to be coherent, ethic, and have a commitment with an idea and its implementation. In the sea of news resulting from the contemporary world, mass media must be a point of reference. The Ariadne’s Thread in the Labyrinth.


This has been the goal of our news portal for 21 years now. We are fueled by a commitment, which is, basically, a declaration of principles: defending Cuba’s truth before the increasingly and brutal media war targeting a social project.


Facing the manipulative and subversive narrative installed by the machinery of hatred in several international information platforms, CubaSi aims to represent the alternative. We want to showcase the nuances of a panorama that has been reduced, several times, into a simple scheme.


We do not inform about an imaginary nation. We do not idealize a tough and challenging context. But Cuba is much more than such a discouraging country (sometimes like a cartoon) that lots of hegemonic media usually portray when referring to its people and special circumstances.


With its achievements and challenges, with the shortcomings and hopes, with its potentialities and its limitations... this is not the failed state that some have wanted to show, especially in recent years.


People work every day in Cuba. There is a people that faces pressures, adversity, and obstacles with dignity and creativity. The nation has significant moral reservations. And Cuba is also proud of its extraordinary cultural heritage: the strength and permanence of a tradition.


That is the commitment of CubaSi: to show that wealth. With no chauvinism, with no triumphalism, with a critical spirit, without extremism.


We celebrated 21 years old on July 17. Our history is on the digital platform. We still defend our coat, and we will always do. And we do not consider ourselves a neutral media: our flag waves free and with determination.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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