Cuba's president ratifies confidence in youth

Cuba's president ratifies confidence in youth
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28 July 2021
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Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Tuesday ratified his confidence in the youth and the continuity of the Revolution, as well as emphasizing the need to always face and overcome adversity.

On his Twitter account, the president shared a video in which he assured that the current generations are an extension, and 'not as an empty slogan, of what was conceived on July 26, 1953', when two military garrisons were attacked in an attempt to overthrow the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship (1952-1958).

The video was recorded on Monday, July 26, Day of National Rebelliousness, during a meeting Diaz-Canel had with students and workers in Havana, after all of them participated in volunteer work in the food production sector.

During the meeting, the president explained that the protagonists of the 1953 actions, under the leadership of Fidel Castro, had to overcome difficulties so that the Revolution reached victory on January 1, 1959.

Diaz-Canel insisted on the importance to foster spaces for dialogue, renew ways for citizen participation and strengthen the work by grass-roots organizations in the Caribbean nation.

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