Cuba’s growing active tourism

Cuba’s growing active tourism
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16 June 2024
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Nature and adventure tourism is growing in the world nowadays, but Cuba joined the bandwagon some time ago, with extremely interesting places such as swamps.

Precisely, there are a couple of swamps that, in addition to constituting wetlands of relevance, allow many tourists to organize vacations in an active way, with the practice of hiking, bird watching and generally get in touch with nature.

Cuba has charming places, when tour operators such as ECOTUR propose priority sites, such as the Lanier and Zapata swamps.

The former is located on the Isla de la Juventud municipality, and the latter in Matanzas province, both in western Cuba.

The Isla de la Juventud is one of the most amusing places in Cuba, as it has the charm of a perfect scenery for ecotourism trips. It is a small island, second in extension of the Cuban archipelago, with 3,056 square kilometers. There is the second crocodile hatchery in the country, located in Cayo Potrero, in the Lanier Swamp, southern part of the island.

In this hatchery, 21 people work to take care of cocodriles, 80 of them in the captivity area, including 27 females and seven males for reproduction, especially of the Rhombifer species, typically Cuban.

For all these treasures, it was declared a biosphere reserve, a true paradise for a demanding traveler in search of active vacations.

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