Cuba's first medical mission on French soil makes big impact

Cuba's first medical mission on French soil makes big impact
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27 June 2020
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The arrival of a Cuban medical brigade on the island of Martinique, an overseas territory of France, has generated widespread media coverage highlighting the aid.

"Cuban doctors are arriving as reinforcements in Martinique, the first in France," headlines Le Monde, which specifies that 15 doctors specializing in pneumology, infectious diseases, radiology and emergency medicine will be on a three-month mission.

According to the influential newspaper, the brigade will help the Caribbean island to face the COVID-19 and to alleviate its lack of health professionals.

France thus becomes the third European state, after Italy and Andorra, to receive Cuban doctors, he says.

For its part, the Franceinfo channel comments that the presence of health professionals from the largest of the Antilles in the overseas department, although it is the first of its kind on French soil, is not an isolated fact, since "nearly 30 thousand are deployed throughout the year in sixty countries, where they help to complete the health network."

In the context of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, this program launched in the 1960s by Fidel Castro has reached 28 nations, with around 3,000 professionals, he added.

Cuban doctors are leaving to help France in Martinique, highlights Radio France Internationale, while the LCI chain echoes the statements of the President of the Executive Council of Martinique, Alfred Marie-Jeanne, in the reception of the doctors, who travelled on a special Air Antilles Express flight.

"We are living in a historic moment. The arrival of a Cuban medical brigade symbolizes the great brotherhood we have in the Caribbean (...) Saint Martin and Guyana have already contacted us to follow our steps," Marie-Jeanne said at the Aimé Césaire airport.

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