Cuban tourism system ready to prevent and control COVID-19

Cuban tourism system ready to prevent and control COVID-19
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16 March 2020
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Authorities of the Cuban ministry of tourism (MINTUR) submitted the prevention and control plan to tackle COVID-19, and stated that the country is ready to receive those customers who decide to come to the island of their own free will.

Barbara Cruz, marketing director of MINTUR, said at a press conference that Cuba has a strong health system and trained workers, including the self-employed ones.

Prevention and control are words of order in the country, and MINTUR strictly complies with the guidelines of the ministry of public health (MINSAP by its Spanish acronym), the world's health and tourism organizations, she said.

Regarding the arrival of international visitors, in January and February there were no repercussions from this cause, with the visitor plan behaving at 98 percent, Cruz added.

It began to decline as a result of flight cancellations from Italy, although the number of visitors from Canada, Cuba´s main market, has also declined (currently it has fallen by 12 percent) and for April and May there are cancellations, which is currently being analyzed, the executive stressed.

For her part, Grisel Lopez, quality manager at MINTUR, said that given the priority of preparation as a preventive measure for all personnel, the health ministry has trained the main managers, quality and safety specialists, who deal with activities related to health and safety of workers and customers.

We have always maintained a close relationship with the health authorities, with whom there are agreements and strategic alliances, and our strength is the existence of medical personnel in all tourist facilities, which in these cases is reinforced, she stated.

As for the International Tourism Fair, scheduled so far to be held next May, it was announced that next week will be reported on its development, although it was clarified it will not be canceled, only if necessary, will be postponed, Lopez concluded.

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