Cuban Students Express Solidarity with Palestinian People

Cuban Students Express Solidarity with Palestinian People
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28 October 2023
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Students and teachers from several educational centers in Ciego de Avila, in central Cuba, expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people on Friday in the face of Israel's indiscriminate bombings.

At rallies held at their campuses throughout the province, participants condemned the barbarism committed against innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip, where thousands of people, most of them children and elderly, have been killed.

During a rally held at the Raúl Cervantes Urban Pre-University Institute, in the municipality of Chambas, the students made an artistic representation related to the topic and listened to the words of some teachers, who explained the historic conflict to them.

Students and teachers from schools in the city of Morón also repudiated and condemned the aggressors of the Palestinian people by reading poems and singing songs appropriate to the situation.

Meanwhile, the members of the Cuban-Arab community of residents in Ciego de Avila ratified their support for the people of Palestine, and condemning Israel’s genocide against them.

In this regard, Arab descendant Nora Brajín said very distressed: “I still have families there on my father’s side and I join in their pain.”

The president of the Arab Union in the province, Alexis Valdés, reaffirmed his support for and commitment to Palestinian resistance, and called for the immediate end of Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip.

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