Cuban Foreign Minister labels Brics as key global geopolitical actor

Cuban Foreign Minister labels Brics as key global geopolitical actor
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11 June 2024
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During the Brics Ministerial Conference here today, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez described the association as a key player in global geopolitics.

In his speech at the expanded session of the meeting, the Cuban foreign minister praised the necessary and strategic expansion of the group that currently has 10 members (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia and Iran), which represents more than 45 percent of the world population and a third of the global GDP.

‘The world urgently needs a new civilized coexistence, where solidarity, cooperation and integration among countries prevail.

The Brics can make a significant contribution to this historic demand of the South, particularly in the way towards the necessary reform of the current international financial system, which is deeply unjust, antidemocratic, speculative and exclusive’, he stressed.

He also argued that in the face of the current international food crisis, the action of the Brics in agricultural development and food production would be crucial.

In this regard, Rodriguez added that the group’s contribution also covers the use and generation of energy from renewable sources in development projects, ‘an issue of vital importance for the countries of the South’.

The promotion of cooperation in this area would contribute to the development of cleaner and more lasting generation systems and would guarantee stability in a sector that is so sensitive for development’, he argued.

In financial matters, the Cuban Foreign Minister praised the strength of the New Development Bank of the Brics, since it relies on an indigenous backing, based on the use of their own national currencies.



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