Cuban Expert Participates in Conference on Atomic Energy

Cuban Expert Participates in Conference on Atomic Energy
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30 September 2023
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PhD in science Alejandro Garcia Moya, director of the Center for Environmental Studies of Cienfuegos (CEA) in central Cuba is one of the guests at the NUTEC Plastic event, parallel to the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which concludes today in Vienna, Austria.

Garcia Moya spoke at the event on this IAEA emblematic initiative to deal with the global problem of plastic pollution, informed the Cuban Network of Nuclear Communicators (REDNUC by its Spanish acronym).

He added that his presentation focused on its impact on the Latin American region and the contribution of the Marine-Coastal Research Network (REMARCO by its Spanish acronym), a cooperation network in science and communication that connects 18 countries, including Cuba
He insisted that such a system should integrate and strengthen regional efforts to monitor plastic pollution and contribute to the IAEA's Global Marine Plastics Monitoring Network, established under the NUTEC Plastic Initiative.

REDNUC noted that at the meeting there were other graphic presentations on the progress to date of that inventive, which has combated plastic pollution on two fronts: at the point of origin, with irradiation to improve plastic recycling; and in the ocean, to track and control plastics, particularly microplastics.

Garcia Moya is a leading researcher and director of CEAC, an institution of the Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies Agency (AENTA), which has a relevant role in the development of research projects and scientific-technical services with nuclear and isotopic technologies.
CEAC is also an active member of the REMARCO Network and its experts have collaborated with the harmonization of protocols for the monitoring of microplastics.

Representatives of the IAEA's 177 Member States are participating in the General Conference, which meets Sept. 25-29 at the IAEA's headquarters in Vienna.

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