Cuban cinema honors Alicia Alonso with Giselle

Cuban cinema honors Alicia Alonso with Giselle
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23 December 2020
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The Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) pays tribute on Wednesday to Alicia Alonso with the screening of the classic 'Giselle,' a 1963 film with this special dancer as a protagonist.

The film, originally shot in black and white, will be screened at Acapulco movie theater in Havana to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Cuban prima ballerina assoluta.

These days, several institutions, companies and personalities are paying tribute to the first Latin American dancer who managed to play 'Giselle' and became a legendary artist, recognized globally.

The ICAIC commission became Pineda Barnet's first feature film. Barnet directed other relevant films such as 'La bella del Alhambra' (The Beauty of the Alhambra), which won different international prizes, among them the Goya Award for Best Spanish-speaking foreign film in 1989.

Giselle remains the only black-and-white drama ballet film produced in Latin America.

In addition to Alonso in the role of Giselle, other main roles were assumed in the film by Azari Plisetski (Duke Albrecht), Mirta Pla (Queen of Willis) and Fernando Alonso (Hilarion). Josefina Mendez, Margarita de Saa, Aurora Bosch, Laura Alonso, Menia Martinez, Silvia Marishal, Jose Pares, Loipa Araujo and Alberto Mendez, among other dancers from the Cuban National Ballet, performed different characters.

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