Cuban athletes abroad protect themselves against COVID-19

Cuban athletes abroad protect themselves against COVID-19
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21 March 2020
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 Cuban sportsmen and women hired in European leagues are complying with health protection measures and are out of danger in the face of the Covid-19 threat.

In a dialogue via Facebook, Cuban stars Robertlandy Simón (volleyball) and Jasiel Rivero (basketball) confirmed their favorable health status, free of the new coronavirus strain and under house quarantine in the face of the suspension of club tournaments.

Simón, a member of the men's national volleyball team and one of the main players on the Lube Civitanova team in the Italian league, said he was not sure when the event could be restarted while the players were isolated at home under sanitary measures.

The multi-medalist with clubs in Brazil, South Korea and Italy said the coaching staff decided to resume exercises in the gym to keep in shape, but two at a time, without crowding the athletes in line with prevention regulations.

As for the rest of the Cuban volleyball players hired in the Old Continent, Simon highlighted the good health of his teammates, since both Roamy Alonso, from Ravenna, Italy, and Marlon Yant, from Chaumont 52, France, are at home, isolated and in quarantine.

For his part, basketball player Jasiel Rivero, a member of the San Pablo Burgos club in Spain, said that he is physically and mentally well, complying with all the hygienic and sanitary measures oriented by the authorities to avoid infection.

According to Rivero, the Spanish league plans to resume its actions within 45 days, taking into account the control of the pandemic, which already has cases in more than 160 nations.

The Cuban basketball player said he is taking advantage of his isolation at home to take a short break, but is doing some physical exercises to stay in shape.

More than 20 Cuban basketball players are under contract in Europe, under the guidance of their national federations, and in response to the spread of the virus they are taking preventive and control measures from their homes.

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