Cuba Reigned in Baseball 5

Cuba Reigned in Baseball 5
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17 November 2022
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The setbacks suffered in recent years with baseball warned us to be cautious regarding the I World Cup of Baseball 5, but what really happened is that Cubans reigned in the sport that is perhaps the most practiced historically in this archipelago.

In fact, our team made several rule errors in the first game that resulted in an early opponent lead 0-3 against the modest team of Hong Kong, but, once those slight mistakes were brushed aside, they were a real wrecking ball and gave no rest, until they finish undefeated over all their rivals in a minimum of two games.

As specialists said before the event, Japan was the greatest threat, but the Japanese team were also forcefully swept away, both in the preliminary phase, when they shared group A, and later, in the match for the title.

The team trained by Pablo Terry, also made history by making the first triple play in an international event, in the opening game against Hong Kong.

In the emblematic Plaza del Zócalo, performed wonderfully Orlando Amador, Roivelis Núñez, Shakira Aspiazú and Briandy Molina, who was also part of the group of coaches who have shown Baseball 5 throughout the world, through conferences in different places to popularize the game.

The sport born in the streets of Cuba best known as four corners is the new pearl of World Baseball and Softball Confederation, which attempts to promote it as a competitive modality, and even make its debut in upcoming Olympic Games.

With little economic expense, trendy among young people and with an inclusive character, by mixing men and women in the same team, make it a serious candidate to take over from the traditional baseball and softball, although that would hurt us in some way.

Its premiere is already scheduled in the program of the Youth Olympic Games in Dakar 2026 (earlier there will be another World Cup in 2024), and from the television point of view (which fortunately we Cubans were able to verify) it also looks attractive, so It will surely continue to grow.

The good spirit of camaraderie between rivals also speaks highly of the discipline in pursuit of its universalization, which must grow much more, especially in Europe.

We finally get a great joy from baseball, after that sub-title of the U-15 that, somehow, brought us from bitterness. Experience tells us not to stay idle either, because with the passing of time, and especially if they accumulate experience in multi-sport competitions, quality and rivalry on the pits will grow.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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