Cuba offered further evidence of links between illicit march organizers and U.S. based mercenaries

Cuba offered further evidence of links between illicit march organizers and U.S. based mercenaries
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27 October 2021
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Havana, October 26 (RHC)-- Rogelio Polanco Fuentes, head of the Cuban Communist Party Ideological Department, reiterated denunciation that the illegal march planned in November responds to the U.S. script of unconventional warfare or soft coup aimed at destroying the Revolution on the island.

During a special intervention on television this Tuesday, he directly accused Washington of being the promoter of the alleged demonstration whose legitimacy was denied by the Attorney General's Office of the Republic for violating the national Constitution.

The U.S. government is the actual organizer and promoter of the provocation set up for November. The facts and declarations prove it. They have not taken the care to hide it; high government officials are directly involved in its promotion.

During his appearance, Polanco also presented new evidence about the links of the organizers of the march. He showed a recording of a conversation between Yunior Garcia, one of the leading architects of the demonstration, and Ramon Saul Sanchez, a former member of terrorist organizations such as Omega-7, Alpha 66, National Front for the Liberation of Cuba, among others.

During the exchange Sanchez, current director of the Democracy Movement, based in the United States, expressed his full support and admiration for Garcia.

In addition, he offered him logistical and propaganda help in the northern media and proposed the creation of a flotilla to support the destabilizing action next November.

Polanco recalled that Ramon Saul Sanchez was the second head of the Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations (CORU), which carried out more than 90 terrorist attacks against Cuban facilities in several countries and participated in the 1976 bombing in Barbados of the plane carrying Cuban athletes.

The Head of the Ideological Department also mentioned an article on the Cuba Money Project site, which shows that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) granted an amount exceeding six million dollars to subversive projects against Cuba.

In this regard, Polanco said that one of the beneficiaries was the Miami-based so-called Cuban Democratic Directorate, with 167,500 dollars. Orlando Gutiérrez heads it.

In remarks to the media, Gutierrez has advocated for military intervention on the island and currently supports the illicit march in Cuba with numerous initiatives. He considers it could lead to regime change in the Caribbean island.

Gutierrez and Yunior Garcia are part of the Cuba Próxima Platform, which promotes the restoration of capitalism in the nation, added Polanco.

Polanco ratified that there are enough revolutionary and legal means to confront all subversive activity against the state in Cuba. 

"They will not be able to impede Cuba's exploit, of its health professionals, of its workers, of its young people, of all a people that in creative resistance advances with optimism over colossal adversities. They will not be able to thwart Cuba's victory over subversion, and the criminal blockade of the United States, opportunistically reinforced amid a pandemic," said Polanco.

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