Cuba, more than six decades defending socialism

Cuba, more than six decades defending socialism
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16 April 2023
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Cuba reached today the 62nd anniversary of the proclamation of the socialist character of its Revolution, which sealed the ideological course of the process of transformations that the country has been promoting since January 1, 1959.

Such announcement by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, took place at the downtown corner of 23rd and 12th, in front of the Colón Cemetery, during the burial of the victims of the bombing of several airports on the island, before the mercenary aggression for Playa Girón (1961), orchestrated by the United States.

The day before the declaration, eight US B-26 bombers camouflaged with Cuban air force insignia departed from Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, and simultaneously attacked the airfields of San Antonio de los Baños and Ciudad Libertad, in the then province of Havana, and Santiago de Cuba.

The actions, executed without prior declaration of war, set in motion Operation Pluto, orchestrated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The aggression intended to sow terror and confusion, to neutralize the country's scarce air defense capabilities to facilitate the subsequent landing of mercenary troops, and to present the event, through a media campaign, as a fracture in the revolutionary ranks.

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