Cuba elects governors and deputy governors

Cuba elects governors and deputy governors
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28 May 2023
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According to what is stipulated in Cuba's Magna Carta and electoral law, the Council of State ordered the process of elections of provincial governors and deputy governors throughout the country.
Cuban Electoral Law (number 127 of July 13, 2019), establishes that both positions are elected for a five-year term, by the delegates to the municipal People’s Power Assembly, at the proposal of the President of the Republic.

The voting processes are headed by the president of the corresponding Municipal Electoral Council and a deputy to the National Parliament, appointed by the Council of State.

The head of State in Cuba has the prerogative to propose to the delegates to the municipal People’s Power Assemblies of each province, the candidates for the election of the provincial governor and vice governor.

In this legislative sphere, constituted in electoral colleges, the delegates meet this Sunday to elect by their own right, by means of free, equal, direct and secret vote, those who will be the highest government authorities of the province.

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