Cuba acts with transparency in judicial processes after riots

Cuba acts with transparency in judicial processes after riots
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25 July 2021
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Cuba is investigating the involvement of people in the July 11 riots and is carrying out judicial processes with transparency and respect for the rights of those involved, Attorney General Yamila Peña ratified Saturday.

In a press conference, Peña pointed out that they are advancing in the conformation of the evidential material of the cases so that whatever evidence is presented to the courts may be judged objectively.

The sanctions will be under the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic, the laws, and in compliance with the due process, and there will be greater severity in the most severe cases, she pointed out.

Among the latter, Peña pointed out, are those cases in which there is evidence that citizens organized, promoted, or financed the events with the most significant impact on collective security and the tranquility of the nation.

According to the source, there are advances in terms of the interviews of the accused, which allowed the adoption of procedural decisions.

According to the Attorney General's Office of the Republic (FGR), some people have already been released, while others have received administrative measures.

There are other extreme violence facts and more significant connotations, and these investigations need more time, she said.

In the events of July 11, some of them extended to July 12; there were aggressions against people, entities, goods, instigation to commit crimes and to subvert the constitutional order, hence the urgency of demonstrating the participation of the subjects with the pertinent evidence and responsibility, she remarked.

From fulfilling its functions, the Attorney General added that this organ guarantees that all citizens are respected. This is applicable in each process, including those solved in a shorter time.

Likewise, he mentioned the willingness of the Prosecutor's Office to attend and guide the people through different channels (in person, by telephone, on the web portal or digital networks), and to process possible complaints and offer a response.

The recent riots in different island points gave rise to criminal investigations in Cuba on alleged criminal acts. The Attorney General's Office has as its mission the control of the investigations and what is established in the Constitution, laws, and provisions, Peña said.

She also reaffirmed the commitment always to protect public order and the tranquility of the people.

Authorities of the Caribbean nation accused the United States of its complicity in the events of July 11 through the use of technological tools and the dissemination of false news to stimulate destabilization.

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