Colorado’s two largest fires on record continue to burn

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Colorado’s two largest fires on record continue to burn
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26 October 2020
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Denver, October 26 (RHC)-- In the U.S. state of Colorado, the two largest fires on record -- the Cameron Peak and the East Troublesome Fires -- continue to rage as scientists warn such events will become more common due to climate change-induced heat waves and droughts. 

According to reports, the two fires together have burned over 400,000 acres so far, but authorities say weekend snowfall has helped slow their progression.   An elderly couple was killed by the East Troublesome blazes last week after refusing evacuation orders.

In other news, in California, authorities warn intense winds could exacerbate what is already the worst fire season on record.  Pacific Gas and Electric said they were forced to cut power to over 360,000 customers in Northern California Sunday, and over 30 million people in the region are under a red flag wildfire warning through Tuesday.

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