Colonel Promoted to General Ordered to Kill Last Six of Ayotzinapa

Colonel Promoted to General Ordered to Kill Last Six of Ayotzinapa
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28 August 2022
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In information that shakes all of Mexico, the president of the Commission for Truth and Access to Justice in the Ayotzinapa case, Alejandro Encinas, reiterated with new details what he had already been revealed in the report on the execrable case of the teachers-to-be students which defined as a state crime.


What is new is that now the name of the person who appeared in the report of the events is published only as “a Colonel” and its importance lies in the fact that those six boys were not murdered on the night of the 26th and the early morning of the 27th, but three or four days later, which leaves no doubt about the participation of the army, and in general of the State, in the crime.


In this way, the qualifier of State Crime is well typified as defined by the report when it states that the entire process of murder and disappearance of the young people was fully known from the beginning of the highest level of the Peña Nieto government through the action of the Attorney General Jesús Murillo and his subordinate Tomás Zenón in asylum in Israel.


It is also corroborated that the officer Rodríguez Pérez or “The Colonel”, would also have been in contact with the criminal group Guerreros Unidos, material authors of the massacre. The so-called historical truth that was concocted at the highest levels of the Peña Nieto government to hide the crime has now become a boomerang for its authors because it involves all those people who participated in the meetings of the Presidency of the Republic in Los Pines in the discussion of these issues.


Encinas said that among those who were in those conclaves, the ministerial authorities -Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and judges- must now locate those responsible for the design, operation and implementation of the actions that led to the lying version of the facts, which has already been shot down by various sources and reports.


It is the first time that the federal administration explicitly identifies a military command with the execution of six of the 43 disappeared normalistas.


Rodríguez Pérez was then commander of the 27th Infantry Battalion, based in Iguala, Guerrero, and responded to the orders of General Alejandro Saavedra Hernández, who in 2014 was commander of the 35th Military Zone, based in Chilpancingo, and who was aware of what happened in Iguala.

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