A chess competition from Lebanon in homage to Che

A chess competition from Lebanon in homage to Che
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10 June 2023
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The pan-Arab channel Al Mayadeen is holding today a chess tournament in homage to the 95th birthday of the heroic guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara with the presence of the head of the Cuban mission in Lebanon, Jorge Leon.

From the headquarters of the information network, science game lovers remember the passion of the internationalist revolutionary while reaffirming their solidarity with Cuba.

A total of 16 chess players are showing their skills in a six-round blitz game.

Referees and judges, members of the Lebanese Chess Federation who are taking part in the event, expressed their friendship towards Cuba, Che and his great players.

The meeting comes in response to the call of the Che Studies Center of Cuba to remember the hero with chess games in several places of the world.

In addition to the meeting organized by Al Mayadeen on Lebanese soil, friends of solidarity and defenders of Che Guevara’s legacy will move black and white pieces in India, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada, the United States and other nations.

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