Call for a Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba

Call for a Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba
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24 May 2023
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Havana, May 24 (RHC) The Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party decided to convene the Second National Conference of that body to analyze the economic, social, political and ideological situation of the country.

At the meeting, which will take place next October, the members will evaluate the compliance with the agreements of the 8th Congress of the Central Committee, as well as the implementation of the Ideas, Concepts and Guidelines from that meeting.

The Conference will examine essential issues to achieve a superior internal and external life of the Cuban Communist Party, including its operation, the Policy of Cadres and the ideological work.

It will also carry out a comprehensive analysis of the transformations in the Cuban Economic and Social Model of Socialist Development, with emphasis on its ideological conceptualization, in compliance with the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, and the National Development Plan until 2030.

During the process, a broad debate will be stimulated and will involve the structures of the organization, with delegates from all sectors of society, to enrich the Conference with contributions and experiences from the base. (Source: Prensa Latina)

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