Bronze medals for Cuba in regional pentathlon competition

Bronze medals for Cuba in regional pentathlon competition
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19 August 2022
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Havana, August 19 (RHC)-- The Cuban women's team won a bronze medal -among the countries of the North American region- during the Santo Domingo 2022 Pan American Open Modern Pentathlon Championship.   

With that performance, young Diana Leyva, Delmis Pérez and Melissa Garlobo secured spots for the Central American and Caribbean Games of San Salvador 2023, according to a communication sent by the national commission of this sport from the venue of the event.

Mexico and Guatemala won the gold and silver medals, respectively, while Diana won the bronze medal among 18 competitors.

Diana herself finished tenth in the Pan American Open with 1,298 points, after placing 14th in fencing, sixth in swimming, 12th in equestrian and 13th in the combined shooting and running event. Delmis finished twelfth with 1,292 points (17-8-10-12).

Guatemala's Sophia Hernandez (1438) climbed to the top of the podium, escorted by Argentina's Camila Fuenzalida (1398) and Paula Verdecia (1368), also from the Central American country.

This Friday, Cubans Juan Pablo Velázquez, Marcos Rojas and Lester Ders will be involved in the men's final, with the same objective of fighting for tickets to San Salvador 2023.

These results come after two years without competing internationally, mainly due to the impact of the COVID-19. 

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