Book Fair in Cuba almost at its farewell

Book Fair in Cuba almost at its farewell
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23 February 2024
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Just two days before the end of the 32nd edition of the Havana International Book Fair, the extensive program distributed today covers a wide range of tastes and professional needs.

The Nicolás Guillén Hall, being the main space of the San Carlos de La Cabaña Fortress, will offer, as always, the most important daily agenda and the Reader’s Prize and the La Puerta de Papel Awards in the afternoon.

Another essential hall every year in Cuba’s biggest literary festival is the Jose Lezama Lima Hall, where, also in the afternoon, the awarding of the Literature and Art Criticism and Research Contest: La estética Pronunciada Desiderio Naranjo will take place.

The rounds of readings for children will continue until Sunday, on this occasion, of Secondary Education, who will witness a meeting on the trends of manga and Japanese animation, in addition to a space for exchange about the culture of the Japanese nation, the dissemination of animation and other varieties of such disseminated tradition to the Western world.

The stand of the guest country Brazil will be held this Friday with the lecture: “It is necessary to preserve the underside: black families and the back of the skin”, with the speaker Jéfferson Tenorio, from Brazil.

The closing speech of the event will be held at 2:00 p.m. local time in the Professional Hall of Pavilion G-2 of La Cabaña, where an award will be given to the best of the best.

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