Bolivian university students repudiate blockade against Cuba

Bolivian university students repudiate blockade against Cuba
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4 September 2022
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The International Solidarity seminar with the peoples of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA) repudiated the blockade policy enforced by the United States.

The head of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, Alex Chamán, cited the Organic Statute of UMSA, approved on October 31st, 1988 at its First Internal Congress during his criticism of the blockade.

“The UMSA is anti-imperialist, because it embraces the ideals and historical objectives of emancipation of all oppressed peoples like ours,” he proclaimed before representatives of the embassies of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela and dozens of students, professors and solidarity activists.

The Cuban ambassador, Danilo Sanchez, spoke via video conference from Cochabamba and explained the main challenges Cuba is facing and emphasized that the blockade is the main obstacle to the country’s development.

He recalled that in the coming days the UN General Assembly will vote on a resolution on the need to eliminate the blockade, which he described as genocidal.


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