Biden to unveil executive actions to curb gun violence

Biden to unveil executive actions to curb gun violence
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8 April 2021
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Washington, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) President Joe Biden will unveil measures this Thursday aimed at curbing rampant US gun violence, especially seeking to prevent the spread of untraceable ghost guns, White House officials said.
According to the source, standing out is a proposed new rule to stop proliferation of ghost guns, as firearms built from home kits are known. The official said these homemade weapons are especially of concern because when found at crime scenes they cannot be traced, and also because lack serial numbers.

Press reports pointed out that it is legal to build a gun at home or in a workshop in the United States, and there is no federal requirement to check gun carriers´ background.

Other steps include increasing support for agencies involved in addressing community violence and ordering the first comprehensive report on arms trafficking since 2000.

However, they added, there will be no major measures to try to toughen general laws on this matter, such as additional background checks or an end to the sale of rifles commonly used in mass killings.

In addition to relatively modest measures on the politically hyper-sensitive issue, Biden will announce his nomination of David Chipman, a gun-control proponent, to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives - a central agency in the fight against gun violence.

As Senator in 1994, Biden supported the assault weapons ban, which expired a decade later and was never renewed.

For GOPs, it is pivotal to oppose everything they describe as attack on the right to bear arms the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution provides.

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