Baseball-proof Loves

Baseball-proof Loves
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7 August 2023
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The conga drums resounded in the bleachers of the Victoria de Giron Stadium and the fans chanted, replicated the rhythms with the palm of their hands, shook their waist as if the movements in the bleachers were another hit.

In the area protected by a net, just behind home plate, a pregnant woman was also dancing. In fact, she was dancing more than anyone. She was hoping for that hit ball that could appease his love. It was easy to know his man, as she wore number 21 in her baseball jersey.

Her name is Rosaine Sánchez and she is Naykel Cruz’s wife. He is a very talented LHP from Matanzas and he jumped to the mound for his team Matanzas in that post-season game. The truth is that once the Crocodiles take the field in defense, she remained quiet, fully focused on her love.

These tough hours in the game are just a hint of Rosaine’s life, the most visible of a love story that is actually a perpetual challenge: “It is really hard. But my role is to support him and encourage him. No matter if he is not at home, when we can spend some time together. He then encourages me as our feelings are the same. Even though he is not at home, he always calls and asks: Did you eat? How are you? How are you feeling? There is little time left to see you…”

Now they are expecting a baby and the pitcher from Team Asere is full of joy. “He believes he is the one pregnant.” I think that the longing is too big at times and then she confesses: “Sometimes I am sad when I know he is going to be far from home for a while. But I am always here supporting him and proud of him wearing the jersey of every Team Cuba.”

But Rosaine’s story happens again and again in sports as some athletes remain far from half of the time and this certainly tests relationship in more than one way.

Together with Rosaine, another young woman put all her energy to the game, the wife of the also pitcher Armando Dueñas. Her name is Vivianne Correa. She majors Social Communication at the Matanzas University and someday she plans to become a sports journalist. She is certain about that and knows the keys to overcome the challenges posed by her baseball-proof love.

“It is complicated. We have spent five years together. I am 23 and most of the time I am alone. But well, I know him like this and that is the sort of sacrifice it entails. Everything is about supporting each other and trusting each other as I must understand he is doing his job. He also knows we are young people and he trusts me. He supports me in everything I do, my studies, and every new project I decide to undertake…”

The truth is that love is trusting; otherwise it is not love.   

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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