Ballet and jubilee season at Cuba’s National Theater

Ballet and jubilee season at Cuba’s National Theater
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4 October 2023
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The National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) will perform during the month of October at the capital's National Theater to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its founding, a proposal that is welcomed by lovers of this art.

Directed by prima ballerina Viengsay Valdés, the company will take the stage of the Avellaneda Hall to offer the public a varied agenda of performances, starting, this Friday, with the pieces Rara avis, La Cenicienta (Pas de deux), Dionaea, and Majísimo, according to the digital site La Papeleta.

Meanwhile, on October 7, Rara avis, Alfonsina, Leda y el cisne, Dionaea, and Majísimo are expected to be staged.

On the following day, spectators will be able to enjoy Rara avis, La Cenicienta (Pas de deux), Leda y el cisne, Rítmicas, Dionaea, and Majísimo.

A program was conceived that, in addition to the classics, it includes creations by foreign choreographers and titles by several Cuban creators who have contributed to the international fame and prestige of the dance group, Valdés said recently at a press conference.

In this Jubilee Season, which runs from October 6 to 28, the BNC will resume performances in communities throughout Cuba, workplaces and other locations.

According to Viengsay Valdés, the goal is to bring younger people closer to dance and revive the sensibility of those who enjoy it all over the country and saw the founders and emblematic figures of the dance company.

The grand gala for the 75th anniversary of the prestigious format will be held on October 28 and will include the presentation of the classics Gisselle, Canto vital and Seventh Symphony, with a parade of the entire company.

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