Argentine teachers carry out national strike

Argentine teachers carry out national strike
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23 May 2024
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The Trade Union Front of National Universities and other union organizations are on strike demanding salary improvements and denouncing the inaction of the Argentine Government in the face of the serious situation in the sector.

Almost a month after Argentina’s largest mobilization in history in support of public education, the Government did not resolve any of these conflicts: salaries, budget, and student scholarships, the Front stated and warned about the loss of purchasing power due to growing inflation. The Union also denounced the refusal of the Ministry of Education to call joint negotiations to increase salaries. It also stated that the Teacher Incentive Fund was not paid.

Last week it was announced that the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) will receive an increase of nearly 300 percent of the resources allocated to operating expenses, unlike the rest of the universities.

The proposal made by the Government to address the critical situation of the UBA shows that the forcefulness of the march on April 23rd changed the negotiation conditions. Now the budget of all the universities in the country is missing, as well as the salary of teachers and non-teachers and scholarships so that students can enter, stay and graduate, the Front noted.

Several unions are participating in the strike, such as the Confederation of Education Workers, the Teachers’ Union, and the Association of Technical Teaching Teachers, among others.

This Thursday marks Educators’ Day and the 36th anniversary of the White March, which mobilized thousands of teachers who gathered in the capital for more than 40 days demanding a single salary nationwide, equal remuneration for equal work, and education and financing laws.

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