Argentina's President calls for an end to gender violence

Argentina's President calls for an end to gender violence
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8 March 2021
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Buenos Aires, Mar 8 (Prensa Latina) Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez called on International Women's Day to put an end to gender inequality and build a more just nation.
During the signing of the Federal Agreement for a United Argentina against gender violence together with governors and governors, the president stressed that he does not want to live in a society that tolerates this type of actions and said that the state's reaction to femicide crimes continues being slow.

There we have an enormous responsibility, said the president after noting that today is a day of struggle for women, who have a lot to claim because inequality still exists.

Fernandez called to build a State policy and commit to creating a just society.

Just as Argentina said 'enough' to the genocides (of the last military dictatorship), let's commit ourselves to putting an end to gender inequality, he said.

During the act for International Women's Day, at the Casa Rosada Bicentennial Museum, Fernandez said that patriarchal logic has generated 'endless injustices and abuses and has taken the lives of women.'

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