Argentina: 'Front of All' Supports Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner

Argentina: 'Front of All' Supports Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner
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24 August 2022
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"The judicial persecution seeks not only to contain the Peronists but also to discredit the achievements of her administrations," Buenos Aires Province governor pointed out.

The leaders the ruling coalition "The Front of All" (FT) ratified their support for Argentina's Vice President Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner, who is facing a process of judicial persecution that seeks to take away her political rights for life.


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"The Front of All closed ranks behind Cristina.... The entire government joined, first with a statement, and then with public expressions from representatives of all sectors of the coalition," Filo News reported.

"Even the Economy Minister, Sergio Massa, a member of the Renovating Front who had tried to stay out of the discussion, joined in," it added.

On Wednesday, FT Senator Juliana Di Tullio confirmed that social organizations are preparing a large mobilization in support of former President Fernandez-Kirchner, for whom prosecutor Diego Luciani has requested 12 years in prison.

Evo Morales' tweet reads, "As we had warned, sister Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner is the victim of an inclement attack by 'lawfare', or political warfare that uses justice as a weapon, to disqualify her. We repudiate the actions of prosecutors who imitate Judge Moro. Strength sister Cristina! Everyone with Cristina."

"We are putting together a big march to show the Argentine right that we are willing to fight," Di Tullio said, emphasizing that popular sectors must be "on permanent alert for mobilization."

Buenos Aires Province governor Axel Kicillof also expressed his support for Fernandez-Kirchner, highlighting that the ongoing judicial persecution seeks not only to contain the Peronists but also to discredit the achievements of her administrations (2007-2015).

"Stand up, gentlemen! In front of a wonderful and peaceful people who... has not lost their memory, conscience, and dignity. The sovereign people is in its own defense and defending democracy. Everyone with her! Everyone with Cristina!" lawmaker Fernanda Vallejos tweeted.


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