Another popular victory on August 5th

Another popular victory on August 5th
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6 August 2021
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Young people owned the streets this August 5th. From La Chorrera to the 13 de Marzo Park, once again the Havana seafront bore witness of Fidel’s eternal and solid presence. He was there, defending the Revolution, as he always did, as the poet knew: Fidel was multiplied, forever young, by white, black, and mixed-race people. 

Number 5 is Oshun’s number, of the “Mambi” Virgin of El Cobre and it looks like the lucky number for Cubans. They dared to put in jeopardy the good fortune of river’s bride, the Patron Saint of Cuba. But she loves to see her small island bright, free, flowing rightly and fresh as the river flows running and fertilizing our land.

Hence, no one will kidnap our good vibes, while Cuba gives birth to generations of creative and peaceful people, happy young boys and girls who defend it in both the red zones, where the nation is hurt, and the streets, where the heartbeat of the nation is also at stake:

“If we are here today, it is because we want to support the Revolution (…) We want to say the world that Cuba will not give up and will not bow before no one,” it can be said in so many different ways, but never louder.

There are a lot of reasons for new generations to join the Youth Communist League’s call. Still

His heart was still pumping fast after riding the bicycle along the bay, yet she stated:

“Our commitment is to the Revolution, the continuity, backing the Cuban revolutionary process. Cuban youth has always backed the Party and Government. There is no doubt about it.”

Olympic Youth

At the park, every university shows the way the students dream, create and grow. Among them, there are young athletes:

“Our University of Sports is the result of the great work done by the Revolution and it is our turn to give back everything that Revolution has given us, especially in times where it is under attack. We have also come here to show our gratitude for the solidarity we have received these days from sister nations, which have sent donations, supporting our cause globally and here we are. Sports have always supported the Revolution.

“Without the Revolution, our participation in Tokyo 2020 with 69 athletes would have been impossible. Not to mention the results achieved, especially when lots of sports disciplines were privative to the upper class. When a four-time Olympic champion like Mijaín López, from the countryside in Pinar del Río, does glorious things thanks to the Revolution, well, that is why we owed everything to it. Most of these athletes graduated from this University and there is the legacy, our continuity,” said Yorliet Pérez, with a golden sincerity.  

On mothers’ behalf…

“Women have been present in every milestone of our country. Without the Cuban women, the Revolution cannot succeed. We are mothers, workers, daughters and combatants of this Revolution. We are always going to step on in our struggle for independence,” her voice is barely heard. But she takes it to the limit to talk about the Cuba’s Women Federation.

She is not young anymore. And her words are filled with experience and faith: “Yes, Cuba has issues, but these issues can be solved by al Cuban revolutionaries. Cuba is always in the frontline, always.”

She is a mother and she will do her best to keep her children safe from the pandemic and feels like her own the sons and daughters of this land. And she has no doubts: “I am happy to be here because my children are here and I want my children to be safe, so they can study for free, and can walk in a free land, knowing that drugs are not allowed here, free from the threat of assassinations. I am always going to defend the Revolution.”

 Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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