ALBA-TCP rejects U.S. measures against Nicaraguan officials

ALBA-TCP rejects U.S. measures against Nicaraguan officials
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11 October 2020
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The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People's Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) has rejected the announcement of coercive measures by the United States against two high-ranking Nicaraguan officials.

In an official communiqué issued by ALBA on Sunday, it is indicated that the actions against the Attorney General, Ana Julia Guido de Romero, the Secretary of the Presidency, Paul Herbert Oquist, and the Cooperative Financial Institution of Savings and Credit, Caja Rural Nacional RL (Caruna RL), are unilateral and in violation of international law.

The Bolivarian Alliance repudiates the promotion of these types of action, which violate the fundamental precepts of the United Nations Charter.  "These unilateral coercive measures demonstrate the criminal nature of a State that does not respect international law and seeks to impose its will," the text states.

It also ratifies the solidarity of its member countries with the Nicaraguan government and people, and emphasizes the commitment of that nation to peace and the development of policies of national unity through dialogue.

"The ALBA-TCP calls on the international community and, in particular, the peoples of the world to reject this type of intimidation and to defend the principles of respect for sovereignty, self-determination and independence of States," the communiqué issued by the regional body concludes.

Last Friday, the U.S. Treasury Department issued an announcement on new measures against the officials and the institution for alleged violation of human rights in the Central American country.

Sanctions against companies, executives and high officials of governments not in line with its policy -- such as Nicaragua, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba and others -- have become a daily practice in Washington in recent years, which intensified under the administration of Donald Trump.


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