The Aggression Against Ana Hurtado or the Extraterritoriality of Hatred

The Aggression Against Ana Hurtado or the Extraterritoriality of Hatred
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4 July 2022
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Activist Ana Hurtado has been the victim of an attack in a supermarket in Barcelona that is, clearly, a hate crime... even though certain 'alternative' and 'independent' media (the crudest counterrevolutionary media) have presented it as an ideological confrontation.

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It’s difficult to 'cover up' the obvious. They had to edit the video of what happened to remove the moment when the assailant spits on Ana, beats her physically, insults her. He calls her a 'fucking communist', as if a communist were the most degrading of adjectives.

The self-proclaimed champions of freedom are not capable of tolerating a political position that opposes them. And the answer is not even a 'civilized' debate. It seems that they are unable to present arguments. Violence is the way.

Certain elements of the Cuban counterrevolution lack the most elementary notion of ethics. Disrespect is their comfort zone. And aggressiveness in social networks (which can be a breeding ground for lack of restraint or common sense) can become physical aggressiveness at any time.

It’s the 'side' of those who threaten life, of those who claim the right to kill. Of course, there are degrees, but the matrix is ​​the same: the dirty and manipulative campaigns, the shamelessly repeated lies, the malicious exaggerations. Everything that is written, said, or done against Cuba, its system, its government and the people that support that system... it will be welcome. The extents don't matter.

Now they want to intimidate a citizen of another country for the mere fact of defending a political project. Some people might think this is an isolated event, but in reality, it’s part of a 'machinery', of a plan. And the way in which the spokesmen of that machinery manipulate the facts, proves it.

The superficial strategy of blaming those who support the Cuban Revolution for the problems and shortcomings that the Revolution itself must face is a sign of the lack of intelligence and the terrible beliefs of these individuals... and of the centers of power that encourage them.

Screaming. Spitting. Insulting. Hitting.

And for certain narratives those are the freedom fighters of a people. The empire of nonsense, the clamorous absence of moral values, hatred in its most abnormal extraterritoriality. That is the 'alternative' they sponsor.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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