Hemingway Revives in Havana

Hemingway Revives in Havana
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22 July 2014
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Today a house-museum, the institution welcomed artists, members of the community and foreign visitors who, attracted by the memorable date and the work of the Nobel Literature Prize winner, went to the sanctuary erected on Cuban soil.

According to Ada Rosa Alfonso, director of the Hemingway Museum, one of the center’s most important tasks is the digitalization of all the music Hemingway had there –over 900 records with classics of all time, like Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach and Federico Chopin, among other universal and Cuban authors.

Likewise, she said that all the personal information on the U.S. narrator and journalist and his over 3,550 photos are already in digital format, to facilitate search and research work of experts on the life and work of Hemingway, also a Pulitzer Prize winner.

During the ceremony to recall the author of The Old Man and the Sea, the winners of the 28th Ernest Hemingway Short Story Contest received their prizes.

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