Endedans Contemporary Ballet returns to Havana with some premieres

Endedans Contemporary Ballet returns to Havana with some premieres
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30 June 2014
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The Teatro Martí will host on July 18, 19 and 20 this dance company from Camagüey, that this time will perform the works by two renowned artists: Cuban Pedro Alberto de Jesús Ruiz and Danish Jens Bjerregaard.

Without abandoning the influence of plasticity and virtuosity of classical dance and ballet, this company will assume as its own the style the one proposed by both choreographers, who selected different contemporary authors for the musical accompaniment of the premieres.

Supported by both experts and audience, Endedans has a fruitful life within the national dance panorama for the results in different competitions, besides the reiterative performances throughout the country.

Its aesthetic aspect, though in constant search, comes from the need of conveying a visual world full of symbolism, and a worldview full of sensations seen through the gesture and relationships among its characters.

The repertoire of this cast is wide. Some of its most representative and awarded works are La muerte del Hombre (A Man's Death, 2005) and Las manos que nunca me tocaron(image)(The Hands that Never Touched Me, 2007), among others.

Translation: Roxana Márquez Herrera (Cubarte)

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